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Updating my phone

So the time has finally come.

I have needed a new phone for a ridiculous most amount of time.

My SD card reader doesn’t work anymore (yes I’ve had it checked out by a professional and yes he agrees with me).

The bottom is totally cracked, the whole thing is just a brick at the moment. Its extremely slow and hardly holds a charge.

I’ve been an android user for the past six years, and I’m really considering switching to iPhone.

All my personal friends reading my blog right now will probably be cussing at the screen.

I’m known as being the absolute android fanboy that looks down on any apple products. I have hassled fellow classmates for years about having iPhones, and told them just how terrible they are. But I have finally seen the light

I’m getting a bit sick of the OS on the android. I want to get a good iPhone charger, that will last me a decent amount of time, that will be able to hold a full charge for more then a day.

Anyway this post has gone on a little bit longer then I expected.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about how to fix this

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Three simply ways to get out of locking your keys in the car

Recently I got my keys locked in my car (yes big surprise I know, good old clutzy me).

When I was googling what to do, I found very few actual solid methods on how I could easily get access to my car again.

After I spoke too a good friend of mine who is a locksmith altamonte springs


Method 1 – The coat hanger method


Method 2 – Using a screwdriver

Method 3 – Using a tennis ball


Well there you go!

Now you know what I didn’t a few days ago :P

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2016; Time to take some steps to be respectful in the workplace

Treating people with respect in the workplace is not just a moral responsibility, but it is vital in ensuring a maximum growth of your business. When employees are treated without respect, there is a decrease in their morale. Low morale may lead to reduced productivity and high employee turnover. Additionally, your workplace can fly around like dust in the wind if the respect to both customers and employees is left unchecked. However, if you want your workplace to be one that operates in a smooth and creative manner with all customers and employees satisfied, follow these 5 steps.


Step 1

First, make sure you follow the golden rule that says, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” If you are operating in a tight area with other people, make sure you give them enough respect because every person deserves respect. Treating customers without respect will chase them away, making your business to produce poorly. On the other hand, treat your employees with the respect they deserve since they play a vital role in your business.


Step 2

Notably, it is good to learn something from your employees’ spiritual and cultural values. Your beliefs and value system may be quite different from that of your employees from another country, culture, or religion. You can also do the same with some of your customers, and find out something about their background in a friendly and open manner. Consider asking questions or doing your research that will lead to more questions on how to behave appropriately. If you ask them to explain their culture or values, make sure to do it in a way that will show you are interested in learning more. Notably, it is important to avoid being rude or trying to verify certain stereotypes.


Step 3

When you see your employees doing good work, it is advisable to praise them. Make an effort of honoring a different person every day, letting them know how you appreciate the job they are doing. Moreover, try to focus on job-related praises rather than praising their attire or something unrelated to work. Praise also your customers with positive feedback, as it can inspire others because it is often contagious.


Step 4

Instead of making demands, just ask questions. For instance, if you are on a deadline, just take an extra second to let them know why you need a particular job done instead of bellowing out orders. Ask them to do the task politely without making demands. However, if you speak respectfully to both your employees and customers, they are likely going to do the same for you.


Step 5

Avoid talking or gossiping about other people behind their backs. This is where its best to have a workplace partner on your worksite. They are able to defuse any situation quickly and with no drama. Private issues you had shared with another person about your employees and customers may leak to others. Now they will consider you as a professional of talking about others instead of an expert in your business. However, it is good to deal with your employees in a calm and professional manner. You can talk to them privately letting them know how much you value your working relationship, and you want to find a way of getting through the mess.

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Brace face

Yeah brace face

I was called that probably four million times as a child (okay maybe four million is a little exaggeration).

Anyway enough of the sob sob I was bullied as a child stories, I am now probably two hundred times for successful then any of the people that ever bullied me.

But having crooked teeth wasn’t just a problem because of my bullying I mean granted I did look like a total twat (imagine this photo as a guy, well lets be honest I looked pretty girly too);










Anyways by the time I hit about 13 my parents decided that enough was enough, I was going to get braces to fix my godawful teeth.

At the time I was in Christchurch, New Zealand and I started off my braces work at an orthodontist that was located in Riccarton.

However eventually my family moved to Australia because of my Fathers job.

We ended up moving to Melbourne, which is literally my favorite city in the entire world.

A friend recommended me Freedom Dental in Melbourne and my god did they do a fantastic job. They completley fixed up my teeth (which might I add they did a far better job then the people I was with in Christchurch.

Honestly can’t recommend them enough, after all they will fix your brace face


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Flat cleaning ( Follow Up From Last Post )

One of the first steps to a healthy, successful life is cleanliness at home. A clean space can inspire you more than you might think, and can keep you happy when spending the day lazing around the house. A quick step by step process can make cleaning much easier.


Step One: Identify Clutter

The easiest way to clean a space is to find things which may be redundant to the overall purpose of the space itself. Put everything where it needs to be, keep areas free of clutter and you’ll be well on your way to a cleaner space.


Step Two: Dust
Most of what makes a room look dirty is dust. Dusting surfaces can bring colour and vibrance back to a room and bring back the homely feeling of your space (PS, if you can’t be bothered doing this yourself, check out;, one of the best cleaning companies in all of NZ).


Step Three: Wipe

Wipe down surfaces which may be dirty. This is where we finally get down to the nitty gritty. This won’t take as long as you expect after the first two steps. This will keep your space hygienic and sparkling.


Step Four: Spray
The finishing touch to any comfortable space is the smell. No one likes to walk into a room and find it smelling of pets, dirt or anything else which could cause an odour. Spraying your space with any aerosol will leave your room smelling pleasant for hours. Remember there is no need to go overboard with this, just make your room smell nice.


After these four steps are applied, your home will feel like new again and you will feel comfortable and clean for your time at home.

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Ahh Sydney;








Okay maybe that’s not quite what the Sydney Oprah house is like.

However if there is one thing I know about good old Sydneians (because that’s definitely a word right?).

Is that they have no sense of style whatsoever!

Honestly, Auzzies have such a typical “all I need is a beer and a bed, and I’m sorted”.

Recently I interviewed one of the best suppliers in; online rugs sydney;


Q. What made you want to create rugs?

A. Decorug is very thoughtful about every detail that goes into their rugs, and we felt very at home working with them. They care about the artistic integrity of their product- the specifics of every color, how every thread interacts with each other, and how the fibers read in different rooms and light. In the end Decorug was the perfect partner to create something beautiful and lasting for an interior.

Q. In what ways does your fashion sensibility play into the designs you have created for Decorug?

A. As designers, we respond most to texture and depth of material. It is very natural for us to design textiles and to use them to tell a story we are particularly envisioning for a season. In regards to designing textiles for interiors, we used the same thought process. We first edited a color story that we felt we could develop tonally and then worked on shades and textures that would make a whole world for someone.

Q. For each of the designs, can you describe what your inspiration was, the vibe you are hoping to create with each design, and what these rugs “say” to people when they walk into a room where they are used?

A. We wanted to create rugs that would interact differently from each other within a room. For example, the Cobalt design rugs are meant to draw one’s eye to the center of a room, or to surround something that should be highlighted within a space. The interaction of blue silk and white wool and silk creates a beautiful frame. The Ivy Trellis rug, however, is meant to draw one’s eye across the floor of a space, it’s high contrast coloration, being softly geometric and spacious. The Ember rug is one that is more delicate and ephemeral- the design and colors within the rug are shaded and this rug acts more as a neutral.

Thanks so much guys! If you are looking for a Sydney rug or timber floor sydney designer, then please click here to visit the incredible team of; Decorug

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No Power? No Problem! Self Illuminating Signs Lead Employees to the Exits

Self illuminating exit signage is a convenient, cost-effective, and low-hassle signage option for marking the exits from a business, industrial, or government building, so as to make them clearly and immediately visible. You might expect to see it in such locations as a hospital, a school, an office building, or an industrial plant. By virtue of the naturally radioluminescent properties of a phosphor coating on the glass tubing within a self illuminating exit sign, the sign is always “switched on,” and will be instantly visible during nighttime hours or in the event of a power outage—in other words, when it is most needed. As the name implies, a self illuminating exit sign is completely self-contained and self-sufficient; it does not require a power source, does not need to be connected to a building’s electrical system, and may be installed quickly and easily without the assistance of an electrician.
Self illuminating exit signage will last for up to twenty years, without any need for power, replacement parts, batteries, or even so much as a light switch. While its level of illumination is too low to be readily visible during broad daylight, or with normal lighting in standard operation, checking to see whether or not your sign is functional is as easy as taking it into a dark room… or turning off the lights.
How It Works
Tritium is a naturally occurring “variant” (technically referred to as an “isotope”) of hydrogen. It exists naturally within the Earth’s atmosphere. An unstable isotope, each tritium atom contains a proton and two neutrons. One of those neutrons wants to break down into two electrons, and it will take any excuse to do so; you don’t have to do anything to it to make this happen (like connecting the sign to a power source). When this breakdown occurs, an electron is emitted, or “radiated,” from the atom. Called a “beta electron,” this mild form of radiation—were it to occur within the open atmosphere—can be stopped by a single sheet of paper, but it is energetic enough to interact with a phosphor coating on the glass tubes which keep the tritium contained—resulting in a constant and steady phosphorescent glow for the duration of the self illuminating exit signs lifespan.
Is It Safe?
The tritium within self illuminating exit signage is contained within a series of separate glass tubes. These are shock-mounted within an impact-resistant, heavy-duty plastic casing. The face of the sign is crafted from clear, impact-resistant plastic, and the construction of the self illuminating exit sign is meant to be resistant to casual vandalism and direct, deliberate tampering. In the highly improbable event that every tube within a self illuminating exit sign were to break at once, and its impact-resistant plastic shielding were to be somehow shattered at the same time, someone standing directly over the sign would be exposed to less than half as much radiation as your average human being is exposed to naturally over the course of a year. A relocation from sea level to an altitude of approximately 5,000 feet above sea level would expose a person to the same increase in natural radiation on a regular basis.


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