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Best Auckland wedding companies

Hey everyone :)

Just thought I’d do a quick post detailing the best wedding vendors in Auckland.

A whole bunch of my friends recently got married, so I decided to ask them all what companies they used and liked the best, so check out the links below guys.

Cheers guys!


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Earn More Profits For Your Business With The Use Of SEO Auckland

If you do have a business in Auckland and things are not the way you want it to be in terms of sales, then you might consider to do something about it today. Or else, there is a possibility things will go down the drain if you are not careful. Be sure you go for a proven and effective SEO Auckland service provider. In this way, you will be guaranteed of positive results coming your way.

The best part of it all is that when you have your website optimize locally and be targeted to Auckland searches, more sales, more profits will surely happen. How’s that sound? For sure, this is what you are hoping will happen to your business right? Well, sure it does! Why won’t you take a look at how SEO Auckland can bring in more income to your company?

How are you going to earn more profits for your business with the use of SEO Auckland? Here’s how:

1. Hire an experienced SEO Auckland expert

First things first, you must make sure you are dealing with an expert. You do not want someone who is a newbie to deal with optimizing your business’ website. Or else, expect a lot of mishaps along the way. This is not what you want to happen, right? Only with an experienced SEO service provider you can be guaranteed that results will do come as promised. An expert will never put his name and business on the line if he does not know what he is doing. So, do keep that in mind.

2. Be in constant communication with the expert

Here’s the thing – you can not simply entrust the future of your business success with one person or better yet your websites for that matter. You want to make sure that you are checking in with the SEO expert as to where the campaign is heading, what are the results, and many more. In this way, you can be assured that your site is moving in the right direction. You can also see the result by checking in the statistics in terms of sales coming in.

3. Go for the long-run

You can not judge how good the SEO campaign is for a month. You need to hurdle it for a 3-6 months or better yet for a year. If you are really serious of getting more profits for your business, then go for it long-term. One thing you should think about is this – you are spending a lot lesser when it comes to the marketing aspect. Why? Since optimizing your website for local search through SEO Auckland can do wonders. Yes, more than you can even imagine yourself.

Before you even go out there and start hiring a service provider for SEO Auckland, be sure you do a thorough research. You want to know what makes a provider an expert in SEO, the average fee it would cost you, and how long will you start seeing results. This will enable you to get more value for the SEO work you have done.

Below is the marketing video of a company we found that does SEO, maybe it will give you some ideas

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New Zealand Video Marketing

Auckland Video Marketing

Something I have noticed amongst the Auckland marketing scene is the fact that there is little to no Auckland video marketing Companies.

Across the world via a simple Google search we can find video marketing companies. Companies that specialize in whiteboard marketing (such as this one here;, we have other companies that specialize in explainer animation videos (such as this one here;

However in Auckland (or all over New Zealand) for that matter there are almost no companies that specialize in video marketing, or animation video for businesses.

If we do a simple Google search for; “whiteboard video Auckland” we can find little to nothing of companies that specialize in companies that produce animation videos.

SEO Auckland

We an see via this simple google search that there is almost no companies in Auckland that specialize in marketing video

I found one example on Youtube of a company that had an animated marketing video, it was for an SEO Auckland company and the video is located here;

I think personally we should have more of these videos around. The video is clear, well produced, looks professional and draws the viewer into watching the video and learn about the company.

Maybe I should start a company specializing in video production ;)

Until Next time


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Exciting World-Class Events In New Zealand

Exciting World-Class Events In New Zealand

Nightlife, celebration and fun gatherings; these some things you should look forward in New Zealand. Share the local’s passion for wine, food, music, sports and many more. They sure do have a lot of events that happen in a certain time of the year.


Auckland Cricket- The city of Auckland will buzz to welcome players and fans from all over the globe. You may celebrate the world cup with certain fun events. During certain days of February and March, you may take the fan trail from Britomart and continue to Eden Park. They will be available for four days and there will be entertainment and activities along the route of the course. Next would be the fanzone, this will be still on a specific day of February and March. You may explore villages in Takutai Square, explore and enjoy exciting activities. There is also a live match depicted on a large screen.brendon-mccullum-of-new-zealand-plays-a-shot2

Hamilton Cricket- Hamilton has had a good reputation when it comes to hosting vibrant and great world-class events.

Perfect Pitch- Cricket Exhibition- On the 6th of February and the 29th of March at Waikato Museum, New Zealand features it’s summer sports. The colorful history has been traced back to the 1800s. The latter showcases certain stories and there are mementos also of cricketing pioneers. Moreover, there are international matches together with cricket-themed interactive fun for your entire family.

Safari Weekend- This event takes place every 13th and 15 of February. Hamilton celebrates two of the African cricket nations that are neighbouring through facing them in a tournament. Also, during this kind of weekend, you will see an array events, which are African-themed for visitors and locals to enjoy.

Choir Concert- Soweto Gospel- In Hamilton Gardens, this group will perform and this will serve as the opening of an evening event. It is an arts festival. You should not muss cultural and artistic events from this place.


Hamilton Zoo- Ticket holders from Zimbabwe and South Africa will have a discount of fifty percent on their entry to the zoo. You may enjoy activities in their Savannah; this is where African animals are placed for public display.8730328_600x400

Fun Zone For The Family- At the Garden Place in New Zealand, they provide activities that can be enjoyed by all of the age groups. There is also entertainment that are pre-matched to their preferences. Experience these lively celebrations, culture and even the color. Brace yourselves from the giveaways, cricket activities, street performers cultural performances, face painting and a lot more.

Cricket Festival (Ethnic)- There will be games, live music and enthusiastic vendors everywhere to celebrate the diversity of Hamilton’s ethnic. Usually, this event takes place in the month of March.

Cultural Celebration- This one’s huge week for Hamilton. A world cup will be played and you will witness performances that feature traditional culture, food vendors, music and a lot more that locals and visitors may enjoy.


Mini World Cup- Cricket from the northern district and Hamilton will hold a tournament and will invite school teams from all over the region. The primary teams will represent different countries in playing. They will battle for a championship title.

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Experience More- Other Fun-filled Activities In New Zealand

Experience More- Other Fun-filled Activities In New Zealand

Did you enjoy the beautiful scenery and culture of New Zealand? Are you done with your adventure checklist? The country has more to offer. Why don’t you hit those nearby shops, go to hot pools, dabble at casinos, well, there are many more. They can surely fill in some free time in your itinerary.

Shopping- There are a lot of bustling markets in New Zealand, immerse yourself and make tons of purchases. Designer labels, artisan food and attractive gifts depict uniqueness in beauty. Shopping can be one of your hobby and maybe this can use up all of your time, however, you wouldn’t want to miss other activities out there, would you? The individuality of New Zealand is not solely expressed by the vast scenery and stunning landscapes. You will be surprised and impressed of their high grade quality when it comes to souvenirs. There are ornaments, hand-crafted glasses and even wood products. It’s pretty easy to find a nice gift.



Casinos- If you are into getting thrilled in playing casino games, then you easily could in New Zealand. Be satisfied with the night’s glamour and play the machine to test out your luck. Together with that you may want to grab a glass oBurswood-Casino-3f refreshing cocktail and even make moves on the dance floor. If you do not feel like drinking, you can devour the savory taste of their cuisine. Lastly, eat your dinner with bottles of wines that are award winning. These are the common scenarios of restaurants in casinos.

Leisure And Theme Parks- New Zealand has parks that offer informative, fascinating fun that’s thrilling or scary. It has a variety of amenities. There are sanctuaries for wildlife, family parks and even underwater centers, it is so close that it seems that you could touch them. Watch, ride and feed; learn about native wildlife and animals in the far. If you want to be thrilled, you can try the roller coaster ride, water worlds, castles and other rides that are hair-raising. These offer entertainment paired with an adrenaline rush. Furthermore, adventurous people would surely enjoy the luges downhill and even the motorbike races. There are simulator rides that seem real. Experience all of these without getting far. The location is in close towards one another.


Moreover, if you do not feel like shopping, going to a casino or go to theme parks, you may want to soak in a hot pool. The latter experience will certainly be relaxing. After sightseeing, with all the walking, smiling and taking of beautiful pictures you must be a little tired. Indulge yourself in this thermally therapeutic treatment. The naturally heated water seems to have medical benefits and many of the people go there for such purpose. However, most just want to enjoy the invigorating and rejuvenating feeling of being soaked to a hot bath. Certainly, come people acclaimed that after going to a hot pool for a day or even more will make you feel as if you have become a new person. It’s very much relaxing, indeed.

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Exploring New Zealand’s Epic Scenery- Tips On Backpacking

Exploring New Zealand’s Epic Scenery- Tips On Backpacking

Backpacking around New Zealand, making it as a natural playground sounds fun and exciting. The scenery is quite epic, and there are awesome activities outdoor wherever you go. The locals have tips to share with those who are planning to explore the country with a backpack.

Before Anything Else- Research on tips regarding saving money and even on jobs transport. Select the most comfortable flight or route. Know places where you can buy cheap goods. Backpacking lightweight is the secret on making your entire travel less tiring. Carry less weight without compromising your comfort or safety. It may be hard to get rid with dependable items.


Know your purpose- Are you going for a hike? Of just a day of sightseeing? It is best to travel light and just bring the things that you need the most. You wouldn’t want to carry extra weight with you if you are just going for a short tour around New Zealand.

Going for A Hike On The Worldly Mountains- For a day of hike, bringing water, food, toiletries and extra shirts would be fine. However, camping can be very different. You may need to consider bringing sleeping bags with you. For food, you may bring biscuits, bread or those that are light in weight. Water can be very essential because you are about to do a lot of walking. It’s best to prepare for hydration all of the time. Finally, for documentation, you may bring your camera together with your other valuables.


Sightseeing Around The Town- There is nothing much to bring for a day of sightseeing. You may include toiletries, valuables maybe some lightweight food and a camera as well for documentation. Most would prepare a sling bag that’s smaller than a backpack and they put all the necessary things they need there; from their sanitizers to their money.

admimage1Helpful Advantages Of Backpacking Light- Many have complained of body pains, stiffness of neck and even muscle pain, due to the weight your backpack may give you. Pack light and reduce your compromise of convenience, make sure you put safety on top of your list.

New Zealand is an amazing place to explore, with the proper gear and backpacking technique, you will surely be happy with your experience. Another tip is choosing the right backpack. Make sure that even if you are not putting anything inside it, it will seem light. There are backpacks that weigh heavy even when it doesn’t have anything placed inside. Choosing the right backpack, packing the correct things by knowing more about your destination will make a good preparation for your journey.


These tips will surely help you in your most awaited tour. Be sure to recheck your things before you go. Most people forget to re-check and will realize they left something when it’s already late. Make your visit in New Zealand memorable and fun. The beautiful places and fun activities in their country is waiting for you. Grab your backpack!

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How Europeans Discovered New Zealand And Changed the Map

How Europeans Discovered New Zealand And Changed the Map

In the old times, people used to think that the earth was flat which was really hard to think because what will happen if we reached the ends of the earth? Will we fall? Good thing this perception has changed and then came the discovery of many other places around the world. Many countries were found earlier while some were found in the later part of the century. This is what happened in New Zealand.


Before it was discovered by the Europeans, New Zealand was already occupied by the Maori. A group of Polynesians who settled in the country. New Zealand was one of the very last body of land found by the European. The first European explorer who took sight of the Island was Abel Janszoon Tasman and this happened on December 13, 1642. Captain-Cook-protrait-side-He and his crew of men aboard the ships Heemskerck and Zeehaen during their travel to the island. They then landed on the South Island in Golden Bay which is now considered a heritage site and a national park. Although Tasman draws a map of the island but it was detailed, however, another explorer had the chance to circumnavigate the land on October 1769, it was Captain James Cook. He then made a map of the island which is now New Zealand. From then on, many missionaries, sailors and traders visit the islands. Because of Cooks clear description of the lands biodiversity, many sealers and whalers came to the place. Due to the massive arrival of many new visitors, the European government formed a treaty with the locals called Maori in order to propose equal rights among them. The treaty was called the Treaty of Waitangi and it was signed and witnessed by the British Crown Representative as well as several Maori Chieftains.

The treaty of Waitangi discusses equal rights between the Maori people and the European citizens. It acknowledges Maori’s ownership of their land as well as their other properties and it also gave the Maori rights just like the European people. There is an English and Maori version of the said treaty though they both vary in context and up to now, no one ever knows exactly what was agreed in the said treaty.

cook-new-zealand homes

Through the next century, war ensued between the Europeans and the Maori’s. There were many European settlements and the imposition of European economic as well as their legal system led the Maori to loss their properties to the European which was then called Pakeha. Because of these events, the Maori’s became poor and suffered.

new_zealand_map_350_50b585f0567a0During the 1890’s, the New Zealand parliament made changes to the existing government by creating new acts that improved the living of woman and the old. This includes women’s suffrage as well as old age pension.

Now New Zealand has become a country making a name for themselves. Although their roots are tied to the Europeans they are striving in making their own name and mark in the world. Many are now flocking in to the country because of its serene beauty and natural wonders. Indeed the country has come a long way.

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