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Ahh Sydney;








Okay maybe that’s not quite what the Sydney Oprah house is like.

However if there is one thing I know about good old Sydneians (because that’s definitely a word right?).

Is that they have no sense of style whatsoever!

Honestly, Auzzies have such a typical “all I need is a beer and a bed, and I’m sorted”.

Recently I interviewed one of the best suppliers in; online rugs sydney;


Q. What made you want to create rugs?

A. Decorug is very thoughtful about every detail that goes into their rugs, and we felt very at home working with them. They care about the artistic integrity of their product- the specifics of every color, how every thread interacts with each other, and how the fibers read in different rooms and light. In the end Decorug was the perfect partner to create something beautiful and lasting for an interior.

Q. In what ways does your fashion sensibility play into the designs you have created for Decorug?

A. As designers, we respond most to texture and depth of material. It is very natural for us to design textiles and to use them to tell a story we are particularly envisioning for a season. In regards to designing textiles for interiors, we used the same thought process. We first edited a color story that we felt we could develop tonally and then worked on shades and textures that would make a whole world for someone.

Q. For each of the designs, can you describe what your inspiration was, the vibe you are hoping to create with each design, and what these rugs “say” to people when they walk into a room where they are used?

A. We wanted to create rugs that would interact differently from each other within a room. For example, the Cobalt design rugs are meant to draw one’s eye to the center of a room, or to surround something that should be highlighted within a space. The interaction of blue silk and white wool and silk creates a beautiful frame. The Ivy Trellis rug, however, is meant to draw one’s eye across the floor of a space, it’s high contrast coloration, being softly geometric and spacious. The Ember rug is one that is more delicate and ephemeral- the design and colors within the rug are shaded and this rug acts more as a neutral.

Thanks so much guys! If you are looking for a Sydney rug or timber floor sydney designer, then please click here to visit the incredible team of; Decorug

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Latest Local Business Findings

Hey everyone!

Time to update you all again of the coolest shit I’ve found on the net as of late.

Well no point fucking around, lets get straight into it!

SEO – Yes another SEO Consultant (I know how annoying). However I’ve actually worked with these guys on a few personal projects as well. Great company that delivers awesome results. Check em out!

ShowBox – This is an awesome little app let me tell you. Its probably the best way I’ve found to stream TV shows to my android device. Cannot recommend it enough! Awesome app with an incredibly easy UI to use. Cannot recommend enough!

Ultragrind  – Classic local business. These guys specialze in putting down Ultragrind onto your floors and driveways. Great company with awesome prices, check em out! – Many of you may personally know that recently I left uni (I know crazy right). I quickly got terrible cabin fever from working from home all the time. As soon as I talked to Eif though, my attitude changed completley. She kicked my ass into action and immediately got my act into gear and started working hard!

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No Power? No Problem! Self Illuminating Signs Lead Employees to the Exits

Self illuminating exit signage is a convenient, cost-effective, and low-hassle signage option for marking the exits from a business, industrial, or government building, so as to make them clearly and immediately visible. You might expect to see it in such locations as a hospital, a school, an office building, or an industrial plant. By virtue of the naturally radioluminescent properties of a phosphor coating on the glass tubing within a self illuminating exit sign, the sign is always “switched on,” and will be instantly visible during nighttime hours or in the event of a power outage—in other words, when it is most needed. As the name implies, a self illuminating exit sign is completely self-contained and self-sufficient; it does not require a power source, does not need to be connected to a building’s electrical system, and may be installed quickly and easily without the assistance of an electrician.
Self illuminating exit signage will last for up to twenty years, without any need for power, replacement parts, batteries, or even so much as a light switch. While its level of illumination is too low to be readily visible during broad daylight, or with normal lighting in standard operation, checking to see whether or not your sign is functional is as easy as taking it into a dark room… or turning off the lights.
How It Works
Tritium is a naturally occurring “variant” (technically referred to as an “isotope”) of hydrogen. It exists naturally within the Earth’s atmosphere. An unstable isotope, each tritium atom contains a proton and two neutrons. One of those neutrons wants to break down into two electrons, and it will take any excuse to do so; you don’t have to do anything to it to make this happen (like connecting the sign to a power source). When this breakdown occurs, an electron is emitted, or “radiated,” from the atom. Called a “beta electron,” this mild form of radiation—were it to occur within the open atmosphere—can be stopped by a single sheet of paper, but it is energetic enough to interact with a phosphor coating on the glass tubes which keep the tritium contained—resulting in a constant and steady phosphorescent glow for the duration of the self illuminating exit signs lifespan.
Is It Safe?
The tritium within self illuminating exit signage is contained within a series of separate glass tubes. These are shock-mounted within an impact-resistant, heavy-duty plastic casing. The face of the sign is crafted from clear, impact-resistant plastic, and the construction of the self illuminating exit sign is meant to be resistant to casual vandalism and direct, deliberate tampering. In the highly improbable event that every tube within a self illuminating exit sign were to break at once, and its impact-resistant plastic shielding were to be somehow shattered at the same time, someone standing directly over the sign would be exposed to less than half as much radiation as your average human being is exposed to naturally over the course of a year. A relocation from sea level to an altitude of approximately 5,000 feet above sea level would expose a person to the same increase in natural radiation on a regular basis.


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SEO service providers utilize the practices of search engine optimization so as to increase the amount of visitors to any given Web site by obtaining the high-ranking placements in search results pages of the search engines (SERP). Typically, a business shall hire an SEO service provider so as to improve its Google search result listings.
SEO services usually help in ensuring that a website is accessible to search engines and thus improves the chances that a given site shall be found and then ranked highly by search engines. SEO service providers usually offer a range of packages and options for SEO, ranging from the one-time fees for the smaller websites to monthly subscriptions for the ongoing SEO support and efforts.
We offer refreshingly transparent approaches to online success via sound Search Engine Optimization advice which produces measurable, dependable and quantifiable results for our clients. Here are our services:
Link Building Services
Our Link Building Analysts develop personal relationships with websites and webmasters across several industries to maximize your citation and link profile.

Website Design
We develop and design websites which put you always at the front of the pack and at the top of search engine results; websites which converts those clicks to quantifiable revenues and leads.

SEO Consultants
Our Consultancy SEO service provides research, recommendations and analysis for all sites especially for the websites having difficulty with Search Engine visibility

SEO Audits
Our SEO Audits identify issues and opportunities; we examine on-page, off-page and technical elements so as to deliver SEO services for your online business success.

SEO Strategy
Developing an SEO Strategy and then mapping those tactics to an executable plan is important for online success. You require SEO Services which can take on the competition and finally win

SEO Copywriting Services
Keyword searches shall take your target markets to your pages but engaging copy shall keep them there. Try our SEO Leeds and see how our experienced web copywriters can make a big difference.

Whether you need the best SEO company that suits your needs, the biggest question is how do you choose one? Expertise, experience and track records are important. However, in the end it shall come down to which SEO firm you feel most comfortable working with. At SEO Leeds we stand out from the crowds.

Being one of the leading Search Engine Optimization Companies, our company is able to select, develop and then retain the best team members to work with us. Each member must have years SEO experience and also undertake intensive SEO training programs that focus on our knowledge, methodologies and hard-won SEO experience.

In addition, they also undergo regular trainings in the latest SEO techniques, tactics and strategies by our Directors of SEO Strategy. Should you choose SEO Leeds, you shall be guaranteed high quality services.

We just love whatever we do. SEO services offer a unique balance of art and science, requiring creativity and solid technical expertise in executing the best SEO Services and SEO Packages. Every market segment, every website and every client is always different. As a result, we say, variety is always the spice of life!
At SEO Leeds we have the best Professionals to help your business to achieve increases in qualified traffic to your site.

With best SEO practices evolving with time, when you come to SEO Leeds for SEO services, our SEO experts will apply only the relevant practices in creating your SEO strategy.

If you are considering hiring web marketing agencies to help you in growing your business, we are always available. Visit SEO Leeds for the best SEO services!

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Best Auckland wedding companies

Hey everyone :)

Just thought I’d do a quick post detailing the best wedding vendors in Auckland.

A whole bunch of my friends recently got married, so I decided to ask them all what companies they used and liked the best, so check out the links below guys.

Cheers guys!


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Earn More Profits For Your Business With The Use Of SEO Auckland

If you do have a business in Auckland and things are not the way you want it to be in terms of sales, then you might consider to do something about it today. Or else, there is a possibility things will go down the drain if you are not careful. Be sure you go for a proven and effective SEO Auckland service provider. In this way, you will be guaranteed of positive results coming your way.

The best part of it all is that when you have your website optimize locally and be targeted to Auckland searches, more sales, more profits will surely happen. How’s that sound? For sure, this is what you are hoping will happen to your business right? Well, sure it does! Why won’t you take a look at how SEO Auckland can bring in more income to your company?

How are you going to earn more profits for your business with the use of SEO Auckland? Here’s how:

1. Hire an experienced SEO Auckland expert

First things first, you must make sure you are dealing with an expert. You do not want someone who is a newbie to deal with optimizing your business’ website. Or else, expect a lot of mishaps along the way. This is not what you want to happen, right? Only with an experienced SEO service provider you can be guaranteed that results will do come as promised. An expert will never put his name and business on the line if he does not know what he is doing. So, do keep that in mind.

2. Be in constant communication with the expert

Here’s the thing – you can not simply entrust the future of your business success with one person or better yet your websites for that matter. You want to make sure that you are checking in with the SEO expert as to where the campaign is heading, what are the results, and many more. In this way, you can be assured that your site is moving in the right direction. You can also see the result by checking in the statistics in terms of sales coming in.

3. Go for the long-run

You can not judge how good the SEO campaign is for a month. You need to hurdle it for a 3-6 months or better yet for a year. If you are really serious of getting more profits for your business, then go for it long-term. One thing you should think about is this – you are spending a lot lesser when it comes to the marketing aspect. Why? Since optimizing your website for local search through SEO Auckland can do wonders. Yes, more than you can even imagine yourself.

Before you even go out there and start hiring a service provider for SEO Auckland, be sure you do a thorough research. You want to know what makes a provider an expert in SEO, the average fee it would cost you, and how long will you start seeing results. This will enable you to get more value for the SEO work you have done.

Below is the marketing video of a company we found that does SEO, maybe it will give you some ideas

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New Zealand Video Marketing

Auckland Video Marketing

Something I have noticed amongst the Auckland marketing scene is the fact that there is little to no Auckland video marketing Companies.

Across the world via a simple Google search we can find video marketing companies. Companies that specialize in whiteboard marketing (such as this one here;, we have other companies that specialize in explainer animation videos (such as this one here;

However in Auckland (or all over New Zealand) for that matter there are almost no companies that specialize in video marketing, or animation video for businesses.

If we do a simple Google search for; “whiteboard video Auckland” we can find little to nothing of companies that specialize in companies that produce animation videos.

SEO Auckland

We an see via this simple google search that there is almost no companies in Auckland that specialize in marketing video

I found one example on Youtube of a company that had an animated marketing video, it was for an SEO Auckland company and the video is located here;

I think personally we should have more of these videos around. The video is clear, well produced, looks professional and draws the viewer into watching the video and learn about the company.

Maybe I should start a company specializing in video production ;)

Until Next time


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